Why You Should Opt For Roller Doors?

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Garage doors come in various different designs and styles. They come in wood or in metal. They each have their different pros and cons, and it really depends on what you are after for your garage door. This article is going to go into details on why you might choose to have roller doors installed. Roller doors are becoming one of the most popular garage doors styles available; time to find out why!

Extra space –Roller doors operate by collecting around a drum wheel as the doors are opened. The metal collects round into a tight cylinder at the roof of the garage. This saves space in two ways. First, by opening straight upwards, rather that outwards as traditional garage doors do, you can park right up to the garage entrance, wasting no drive space. Second, because the door coils around a drum into a tight group at the roof, it doesn't cover the ceiling of the garage, so all that space isn't wasted as it can be with some other garage door styles. Depending on door size, one only needs a single foot of space for the drum and coil.

Security –Whether automatically operated or manually, roller doors are some of the easiest doors to make robust and secure. They are normally equipped with a reinforced steel rail at the bottom to prevent forcing the door upwards. They also lock using dual locking bars, which slide vertically to secure the door in position. If one isn't too worried about space, the actual doors themselves can be further strengthened by increasing the door's thickness. Security is not a worry with roller doors.

Manual or Electric – These doors operate on a simple coil motion, as previously explained. This means one can opt to have them work manually or very easily have them upgraded to an electric system, which does have some advantages such as auto-locking so one never has to worry about the security of goods in the garage.

Special Features - Safety features are a must for electric garage doors. Luckily, most companies include safety stop as standard. This means that if the door is coming down and it touches anything, it will instantly stop and retreat back up 50mm or so to ensure no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged. Insulation is another important thing, and roller doors are easily insulated to various degrees to prevent energy loss.

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