Curb Appeal: How to Make Sure Your Garage Door Truly Complements Your Home

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It's said that the eyes are the window to the soul. The windows of your home are, well… just windows. Having said that, the style and placement of your home's windows are one of the things that give your home such a distinctive look. Windows complement the rest of the home's aesthetics, with one glaring exception. Garage doors are often fitted with little thought as to how they will complement the rest of the home, and this can be very noticeable. Garage doors are such a prominent feature of your home and are highly visible from the street. Often a beige or white colour, they often don't match the rest of the home at all. It's not so difficult to alter your garage doors so that they match your windows and therefore complement your home. It's a very minor renovation project that has amazing results.

Matching the Frame

What colour are your window frames? Go to your local hardware shop, pick up a few different paint swatches and take them home to determine the closest possible match. You are looking for an outdoor paint, so remember that not all types of paint are suitable. You then need to paint the garage door frame to match your window frames. Remember to allow ample drying time before you operate the door.

Painting the Door

Choose a colour that resembles the backs of your curtains when drawn. This is often a warm, pastel shade (depending on your curtains), and it adds to the optical illusion that your garage door is yet another window to your home. If you should have boldly coloured window coverings or even blinds, you might not wish to paint your garage in this shade, but a neutral shade will still be appropriate for creating the desired effect.

Segmenting the Door

This is something you will need professional help with. Adding a lightweight frame to the exterior of your door can segment the surface, making it truly look like windows. This is only appropriate for garage doors that tilt, rather than roller doors. Of course, the added lightweight frame will not be able to roll up with the rest of the door. Weighting and width is very important. If the addition is too heavy or thick you might not be able to close the door properly, and your automatic garage door opener might have trouble with the extra weight. A garage door specialist can make a frame specially for your door.

Segmenting the door is an optional extra, and this is generally the most expensive part of the process. When finished, your garage door will look sensational and your curb appeal will be significantly increased.