Helpful tips to keep your garage door well maintained

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For most households, the garage door is the biggest moving part on the property and is used multiple times per day. Therefore, you need to look after it appropriately to ensure that it will stay in good condition long into the future. This is achieved by regularly inspecting the various components of the door and implementing repairs and replacements of parts as well as taking preventative measures. Doing so will save you considerable time and money in the future as you will not have to spend time conducting extensive repair work. Here is some advice to keep in mind when you are developing your periodic maintenance program for your garage door.

Garage door inspection

Every month you should conduct a number of checks for various components of the garage door to ensure they are in good working order and to also identify any small problems that could potentially develop over time.

You should first conduct a visual inspection, starting inside your garage with the door closed. Comprehensively look over the springs, rollers, cables, pulleys and the hardware such as the hinges for any evidence of problems such as wear or cracks. Make sure that everything is secured tightly and has not come loose through the vibrations or operation of the garage door.

Any potential problems that are identified should be dealt with immediately or else they could be forgotten about. This is also a good time to apply lubricant to all of the hinges, joints and rollers to ensure that the garage door is operating smoothly and seamlessly, causing less friction and wear over time.

Garage door test

Most garage doors these days are automatic and run with a garage door motor that will open the door when a button is pressed. Every so often it is useful to disengage this mechanism by disconnecting the automatic system. Provided you are able to lift the door manually, open it, paying particular attention to how smoothly it is opening and noting any resistance or other issues that are present.

When the door is constantly being operated automatically, it can be easy to not notice any of these types of problems due to the noise that the motor makes, as well as not feeling it for yourself as you do when manually opening it. If there are problems present, there may be balance issues that are hindering the door and may need to be realigned by a professional.