3 Common Problems with Automatic Garage Doors

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Although the operation of your garage door might appear simple, it actually involves a complex system of gears, chains and springs as well as electronic equipment. This means when your garage door stops working or begins to operate in unusual ways, it could be the result of a number of problems which affect different components. Below is a list of common problems which can affect automatic garage doors.

The Garage Door Closes then Immediately Opens Again

Your garage has a sensor which will control the close limit of the door. The close limit should correspond to the distance the garage door travels between being fully open and completely closed. If this sensor becomes damaged in some way, your garage door may completely close but receive a signal that it has hit an object in its path. For safety reasons, automatic garage doors are designed to open when they come into contact with a foreign object. This is the reason that your garage door will close and then immediately opening again. If you experience this problem, you should have the garage door inspected by a professional.

The Garage Door Closes with a Bang

Garage doors are fitted with tension springs which counterbalance the weight of the door during operation. If these springs become damaged or broken, there will be nothing balancing against the weight of the door. During closing, the door will close quickly and cause a banging sound. A garage door closing quickly can be a hazard to those around it. Garage door springs hold a lot of energy, making them dangerous to work with. For this reason, it is best to get them inspected by a professional.

The Motor is Running but the Garage Door Won't Move

If you can hear the hum of the motor, you know that it is running. If the door does not begin to open or close and the motor shuts down, this suggest a problem with the springs that balance the door. It is likely that the motor is attempting to move the door but cannot due to damaged springs or a misaligned door. The motor should shut itself off automatically; if it does not, you should manually switch off the power to prevent it from overheating and then call a professional garage door service.

To prevent problems with your garage door, you should have it serviced by a professional garage door service.