Pros and Cons of Choosing Sliding Doors for Your Barn Shed

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If you have a barn or farm shed on your property, you may be in need of a new door. The doors for barn sheds are very similar to the garage doors you choose for your home and many other buildings. Each type of door has its own set of pros and cons. Here are some ways to decide if a sliding door is the best option for you.

Pro: Sliding Doors Don't Take Up Extra Space

One of the top benefits of choosing a sliding door over a swinging door is that it isn't going to take up any extra space. The sliding door is installed so that the aisles of the barn are not blocked by the doors when they open in toward the barn or shed. With a sliding door, it is simple to open it just enough and slide down the length of the barn without worrying about what is just inside or just outside the building.

Con: Horses Might Squeeze Through the Doors

When the sliding door is completely locked, your horses aren't going to be able to get through. However, when you slide it open even just a little bit, you do risk having horses try to get through. A common misconception is that with sliding doors, you can open it a small amount and horses can't get out. Make sure you are fully aware that a horse can tilt their body and get through a small space, so you need to be really careful about that when the doors are open.

Pro: They Are More Affordable

If you are on a tight budget and need a new door on your farm shed, sliding doors are a great option. They are often less expensive than swing doors, especially when you get the ones made of aluminum. These still have a sturdy frame and can handle the elements as well as frequent use. It is a good way to save money when you also have other improvements to make to the shed or various other buildings on your property.

Con: You Must Think About Separate Window or Door Placement

When you have swinging doors, those doors can actually have windows installed in them or even have a separate walk door to use. However, with sliding doors, due to how they are designed, they don't usually allow for a window or walk door. This means that in addition to the main shed door, you need separate installations for windows and walk doors if you don't intend to use this primary sliding door.