Three Ways To Keep An Automatic Garage Door Secure

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Keeping a home secure is a top priority for every homeowner, and as someone who is considering the installation of a new automatic garage door at your home, you may have concerns that this door will become the weak point in your home's security. However, this does not need to be a huge concern as there are a number of different ways you can lock a garage door. Consider which one would suit you best so you can have the locking system decided on before the door is installed.

Monitor The Door Closure

When an automatic garage door shuts, it locks itself into place, and it is reopened using the remote control device. However, if the door has not closed properly, then there is a leverage point for someone to try and force the door upwards.

Purchasing a door monitor unit solves this problem from occurring. When the sensor attached to the door detects it is open, it sends a wireless message to the monitoring device. This, in turn, closes the garage door the rest of the way for you. You can purchase a door monitor unit from your garage door installer.

Extra Locks

There are two types of additional locks you can have installed on your garage door as backup locking devices. The first is the T-handle lock. This sits on the outside of the door, and is shaped like the letter 'T'. You twist the handle to manually open the door, but it can be locked into place using a key. Not all garage doors have a T-handle lock on them, so ask for it to be installed before the door is delivered.

The second type of lock is the sliding lock. This can be placed on the inside left or right side of the garage door. A hole is drilled into the garage floor, and when you want to lock the door, it gets pushed down through the track and into the hole. You can then secure it with a padlock to prevent movement if you wish.

Giving some thought about how you want your garage door to be locked after it is installed means that, if there is any additional hardware required, it can be added to the door before it arrives. Once the door is in place, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your garage door is not a weak point and your home remains the secured fortress you want it to be.