Features You May Need In a New Garage Door Opener

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You might assume that all garage door openers are alike, but this isn't the case; today's openers come with a wide range of features that can improve the security of the home's garage, while also improving the overall durability of the opener itself. Note a few of those features here so you know why a basic, stripped-down model of garage door opener is not necessarily the best choice for your home.

Auto close

Do you often drive off and forget to close the home's garage door behind you? Do your kids often open the garage door to retrieve a bike or other toy, and then leave the door open? Does someone in the home work a late shift and head to bed after getting home, without closing the door behind them? If so, an auto close feature may be what you need. This is a programmable feature that allows you to set a certain time, after which the door will close automatically. This feature will ensure the door doesn't stay open all day or night, protecting the items inside the garage, and also reduces the chance of alerting strangers to the possibility of the home being vacant.

Automatic force sensor

If you ever find yourself needing to duck back into the garage after it starts to close, an automatic force sensor can allow you to open it quickly, without a remote opener. Most garage doors have an obstruction sensor that causes the garage door to stop moving if it should hit something in its path, but this force sensor reads any force actually being applied to the door. The door will then open, even if it was on its way to close. This can give you maximum control over the movement of the door, and is good for those who are often stepping in and out of the garage to retrieve tools, toys, and the like.

Standby power consumption

You may not realize that a garage door opener uses power even when the door is not moving; this power feeds the computer chip inside the door, and also keeps the opener at the ready, so it can receive signals from your remote opener or sound any attached alarm. While this power consumption is not typically very significant, it can mean more money spent on your utility bills throughout the year. Opt for an opener with a very low standby power consumption, or that engages a "sleep" mode, so it uses the least amount of power possible.