Repairs That Can Prolong Your Garage Door's Lifetime

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Have you ever considered how many times you close and open the garage door each day? On average, you probably use the door three or four times a day, and this totals to over a thousand times in a year. This adds up fast, and that's why the garage door gets worn out over time. Many doors have a lifespan of about ten thousand cycles, so if you care for the garage door, it will last longer. Here are garage door repair tips to help you avoid unnecessary repairs, get value for your door investment and prolong the life of the garage door.

Inspect the garage door regularly

Your garage door needs to be inspected by an expert every few months. During the inspection, the expert will check for worn-out rollers, spring brittleness and an unbalanced door. Ensure they also check if the tracks are in excellent shape. If you choose to do the inspection yourself, you will miss some critical problems, and that's why it's advisable to work with a specialist.

Get a tune-up every year

Most homeowners never think about the garage door unless it's not working as expected—perhaps something got broken, and the door needs to be repaired. However, the truth is that a garage door tune-up is needed regularly to reduce the repairs and have a door that functions effectively all year long. Since you'll reduce the probability of damaging and repairing your door, its lifespan will be extended.

Once the tune-up is done, don't forget to keep the garage door clean and components such as the hinges, rollers, springs and other moving parts lubricated. Make sure you use a lubricant that's specifically designed for garage doors, not WD40—this lubricant causes the components to rust prematurely. Be sure to use a paintbrush to apply the oil to ensure it's absorbed thoroughly.

Reseal or repaint wooden doors

If you have installed a wooden garage door, be sure to reseal and paint it after a few years, or whenever the paint seems to have faded. This move will protect the door against pests and other outdoor elements. Though wooden doors offer that gorgeous natural appeal, they require more maintenance compared to other forms of garage doors.

In case your garage door needs to be repaired or inspected, be sure to work with a garage door repair service. Their employees will spot all the issues and handle them ahead of time. For instance, the springs can be replaced before they break.