Is It Time to Call a Roller Door Repair Specialist?

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Roller doors are an important addition to your home because of the level of security they offer, their aesthetics and how easy they are to use. Sometimes, you may need to have your roller door repaired if it is not working as it should or a component is damaged. You just have to remember that roller door repair work should be left to specialists. Attempting repair on your own can make things worse, meaning more damage and incurring high repair costs or you can get seriously injured. What are the signs that you need a roller door specialist?

Jammed Roller Door

It is time to call your roller door repair specialist if your roller door gets stuck somewhere in between closing or opening or in its closed or open state and you have tried the opening and closing mechanism multiple times to get it to open or close without success. 

Don't try getting under it or forcing it down because you can get injured in the process. Additionally, don't waste time before you call a repair roller door specialist, especially if you have children that love playing around the roller door. They can get injured easily because they might not know the imminent danger the roller door poses and may even use the door as a toy to swing from.

Did You Hear a Loud Bang from Your Roller Door and It Can't Open?

This is another sign that you need to contact your roller door repair specialist. It means that your roller door spring broke and it needs to be replaced. If the roller door spring breaks when you are near the roller door, the loud bang can startle you. You should also know that sometimes the spring can get propelled into the air. If you are on its path, it can injure you.

The roller door spring is something you should never try to repair because it is usually wound and holds high tension. If you make a mistake, it can be propelled into the air at a high speed as indicated above.

Is Your Roller Door Not Level On One Side?

This might be a torsion spring problem; a spring on one side might need to be wound to level it to the spring on the opposite side or it might need replacement because it is damaged or broken. As mentioned above, anything related to repairing the roller door spring should be left to a roller door repair specialist.

If you think that your roller door is damaged, contact a roller door repair professional near you.