What Can You Expect During Automatic Garage Door Repairs?

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If you don't follow simple garage door maintenance measures, don't be surprised if you run into problems that necessitate calling a garage door repair specialist. Of course, you may also need to contact the specialist if your garage door stops working due to damage caused by uncontrollable or unavoidable occurrences. Regardless, here's what you can expect the garage specialist to do. 

Questions and troubleshooting

Expect the garage door repair specialist to ask what led to the garage door problem. This is where you explain to the specialist everything that happened in detail, keeping in mind nothing is a minor detail. 

The repair person will then start troubleshooting your garage door. The steps taken are based on the details you give, which is why you should be thorough. 

Expect the specialist to check whether your garage door is receiving electrical power. If there's a current, meaning that's not the source of the problem, they may test the remote, which involves changing the batteries of your frequently used remote and trying out a different remote just in case the old remote is faulty. 

If these areas are not the source of the problem, then you may have a more significant issue. You may need garage motor repairs, or you could have faulty springs.

Faulty garage door spring or motor 

The garage door repair specialist will first consider the garage door spring. The spring is responsible for moving the garage door up and down (open or shut) through unwinding and winding motions. If the garage door spring is at fault, there can be two verdicts: it's repairable, or it's not. This means you'll have to buy a replacement if it's not fixable. 

If your garage door spring is fine, the problem might likely be in your garage door motor. The garage door motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, which also helps move the garage door up and down. 

Typically, garage door motor problems result from old age. Some parts can, with time, start corroding, meaning they cannot perform effectively. The solution is usually to replace these parts. However, if the motor is severely damaged (irreparable), you may have to replace it, which can be expensive.  

Fees or costs

The first cost you'll incur is the inspection or troubleshooting cost. This may differ slightly between garage door repair specialists.

Once the garage door repair expert identifies the problem, they can accurately give a breakdown of the total fees you'll incur. Therefore, how much you pay depends on the fault and its severity. 

For more information, contact a garage door repair service near you.