How to Increase Your Home's Security Without a Distracting Appearance

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Home security is a very important issue for most homeowners today. However, it's a challenge to to increase the security without distracting from the home's overall appearance. Large metal fences can make a home look more like a compound, and excessive numbers of security cameras can also be intimidating and imposing to the friends and family you actually want to come into your home. If you're looking for ways to increase your home's security without distracting from its appearance, note a few of the following options.

1. Conceal cameras

If you like using security cameras around your home but don't like the look of them, conceal them behind glass domes and panels. These are often used in stores and other areas where it's better if a camera is hidden, and they also add a layer of protection to the cameras as these glass domes and panels are difficult to break. When shopping for security cameras for your home, look for those that fit behind these glass domes and panels, and have them installed at the same time.

2. Add remote locks

Another way to increase security without detracting from the look of your home is to add remote locks. These can be connected to an app you use on your smartphone, so that you can lock and unlock your doors and even set an alarm remotely. They typically work without wires and may be connected to your home computer so that you have full access to your home's locking and security system even when on the road. This can allow you to ensure the doors are locked and the alarm set even if you have children and other family who come and go often throughout the day.

3. Add security doors

In order to keep your entrances more secure without detracting from a home's appearance, you might consider security doors. These are doors that go outside your regular door and which add a layer of security to your home, so that no one can kick in the inside door. Security doors can be very decorative with ornate scrollwork or a geometric design, so that they look like an attractive accessory and not an afterthought.

They keep your home secure but look attractive and allow in more air and light when you do open them. You can learn more about your options by consulting with local experts and suppliers such as Aus Secure.