Selections for Your Roller Garage Door By Style of Operation

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The use of roller doors is commonplace in many garages across Australia. A roller door is made of corrugated steel curtain, which rolls up on itself as the door is lifted to open, forming a compact bundle at the top of the door. If you are currently shopping around for a new roller garage door, you should know that all doors are not built the same.

Follow this buying guide to ensure that you get the perfect roller door for your garage.

Manual versions

Where there's no electricity supply, the choice is already made for you. Roller garage doors that are manually operated usually come with integrated handles situated at the bottom and centrally to allow for convenient operation within or outside the garage. They have been built with ease of use top-of-mind by using a spring-assisted system to ensure smooth operation. Any spring-assisted roller door installed over a garage opening or any other entryway accessed by people must be fitted with a fail-safe system. This is usually a secondary safety spring to ensure that in case of any system malfunction while using the door, the second spring will revert the door back to safe operation.

A lock and key mechanism is used to secure the doors once it has been rolled down. Door manufacturers can replace faulty door locks and provide users with spares for lost or misplaced keys. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take proper care of your door locks and keys.

Automatic versions

This type of doors have a motor that runs on the power of electricity. Therefore, you must first make sure there is electricity supply in your garage. The electric motor receives signals from radio transmitters. These signals tell the door when to stop during the open and close cycles. If the door comes across any sort of obstruction when being operated, its sensors will cause it to stop. If any part of the door is faulty, the entire door may stop working. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep all parts of the door working well through proper maintenance. You can buy the automatic version of a roller garage door new or you can upgrade an existing manual door into an automatic one.

The best apart about installing an automatic door is that you won't have to leave the comfort of your car just to open or close the door. All you will need to do is simply press a button on your remote-control device.