4 Things to Check for Before Calling a Professional to Repair Your Gate

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Did you just have the automatic gate repaired, and now it's acting up again? Are you wondering whether you were sold a faulty gate to begin with? Before you can make any conclusions, here are some reasons why your gate may be acting up.

Object obstructions

Automatic gates use a rolling path where they roll in and out of. This path has to be clear of any items such as rock, sticks or twigs. They may have fallen from the overlying trees or bushes or may have been thrown there by your children when playing. Some may have been carried by birds or animals. No matter the method of placement, these obstructions will prevent your automatic gates from functioning as they should. In order to prevent this you may consider pruning any surrounding plants to minimize the falling effects. You can also have someone clean the gate on a regular basis in order to remove any found objects.

Rust and other corrosion

Most automatic gates are made of iron or other metals. This means that they are prone to rusting at some point. Although painting them should reduce the occurrence of rust and other corrosions, the effect of rainfall, snow and cleaning make it a possibility. To avoid this, make sure to regularly repaint the automatic gates. Frequent greasing especially of moving parts should reduce the wear and tear that occurs from friction. When you notice chipping or denting of vital parts of the automatic gates, make sure to repair them as soon as possible. Increased wear and tear on damaged parts might lead to the complete malfunction of your automatic gates.

Electricity Faults

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with automatic gates other than the power supply. There could be a power shortage in your house or an interruption of the power to the automatic gates. Some things that cause power interruptions include bad weather, burnt out fuses, faulty wires or animals such as rodents that may chew on the electrical wires. Make sure to eliminate the possibility of electricity failure before concluding that your automatic gates are no good.

Malfunctioning remote control

Lastly, check whether the remote control to your automatic gates is properly functioning. The remote control could have several faults including old batteries, internal breakage or a damaged signal. Without a remote control, you cannot be able to operate the automatic gates. To avoid being locked out of your house because of a malfunctioning remote control, try to have an extra one for emergencies and also a set of remote batteries in your car.